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The Kogod Cradle Series supports the exploration and development of new and emerging work in the Kogod Cradle with visiting companies, artists and ensembles. Focusing on the development of new plays and devised work by artists from throughout Greater Washington and around the country, this series of readings and workshops invites artists and audiences to explore the development process and allows artists and audiences to participate who otherwise might not be able to easily access Arena Stage. This series also supports the development of local artists and seeks to further develop our local talent pool of playwrights, actors and directors here in Greater Washington.

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JUNE 13 – 16, 2013

8:00 p.m.
Tickets $10
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or Call 202-488-3300

The 2012/13 season of the Kogod Cradle Series concludes with the work of local company force/collision and the development of their newest piece, Trust me.

The company will perform approximately 45 minutes of work, followed by an open rehearsal in which the audience will have an opportunity to see the process in action followed by a brief post-show discussion.

Cast: Karin Rosnizeck*, Dane Figueroa Edidi*, Ilana Faye Silverstein*, Sarah Elizabeth Ewing*, Amber Tietgens, Ivan Zizek, Augustin Beall

Trust me is a U.S. premiere dance/theatre project with text by playwright Falk Richter, which explores the body and psyche in Western culture and how they inform our ways of thinking, acting, collaborating and moving through this complex system. Using the mediums of dance, theatre, video and music, force/collision will create an interdisciplinary performance which dialogues German and American culture and examines the shaky foundations and mechanisms of human bonds against the background of current crises. Relationships build up and break down in ever shorter time-scales; they become a resource in an increasingly intense competition. Binding, separating. Buying, selling. A picture is presented of human beings who, over the years, have radically intensified modern individuality and celebrated independence as an ideal. This project will also explore the divide between information and sensationalism in modern society and the individual by incorporating notions of media and pop-culture identities. learn more

force/collision is an interdisciplinary contingent of artists/collaborators whose mission is the creation of new performance works. Based in Washington, D.C., force/collision was created by theatre director John Moletress for the purpose of bringing together artists of mixed disciplines in order to spark dialogue and create space for the presentation of new work. learn more

The sharing of Trust me in the Kogod Cradle Series marks the project’s first major step in development. While the piece will eventually include video, this first iteration will be focused on integrating movement, text and sound.

Trust Me

Trust Me

Photos by Ben Carver


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